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What is sustainability? It is a question that we have been asking ourselves these past years. And we’ve answered it by embarking on a path towards an evermore sustainable business. We strongly believe that economic development cannot be separated from a substantial contribution to the environment.

Believing soundly in the transparency of information and in strong social responsibility, we have prepared a business process map and set out priorities, fixing long term goals which, as a first objective, intend to reduce the use of chemicals.

  • CHEM: by training and appointing a Chemical Manager, a figure that is key to improving the management of chemicals, our goal is to eliminate and strongly reduce the use of toxic, harmful substances from our production cycle by applying globally recognised methods such as the ZDHC roadmap to zero programme, which is used by major Fashion & Luxury brands.
  • PLANET: in parallelo a CHEM attiveremo un percorso sostenibile che prevede l’uso consapevole delle risorse per la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale. With the help of a Sustainability Team, which will also include the training and appointment of a Sustainability Manager, we wish to inform and encourage our employees and everyone involved in our value chain to adopt a more responsible behaviour and to share our ethical values with regard to sustainability.
  • MATERIALS: in actual fact, researching and using more sustainable raw materials is already an important part of our business: most of our materials are natural, derived from the production waste of other manufacturing processes or from other natural sources that have zero impact on nature and the environment. The natural materials we use are then processed and treated with natural substances which have zero impact on the environment. The aim is to manage the materials employed in the production process using Ecodesign and circular economy, two key concepts for a sustainable economic system that not only greatly inspires us but on which we want to base our future.